What is it

What is it

ReTuLa is a remake of the Acorn Tube ULA. The original is mainly (if not exclusively) used in almost all 'second processors' for the Acorn BBC.

ReTuLa is plug-in compatible with the original Tube ULA. It can simply be used instead of the original Tube ULA, or to replace a defective one.


ReTuLa is compatible with :

Acorn 6502 Second Processor Yes
Acorn Z80 Second Processor Yes
Acorn 32016 Second Processor Yes
Acorn ARM Evaluation System ?
ReCo6502 Yes
Acorn 65C102 Coprocessor Yes
Acorn 80186 Coprocessor No

ReTuLa differs from the original Acorn Tube ULA in a few minor ways :

More details

More details, and more technical information, can be found in the actual ReTuLa documentation. It may be quite helpful to read. You can download it on the 'Updates' page.

Your own ReTuLa

ReTuLa is no longer available.